Monday, September 12, 2011

FOTD, a couple OOTDs, and my Junior Ring!

Hey guys!!! I was experimenting with some little jewels I had and I came up with a look that I call "Cyber Angel."

 This pic isn't really color accurate. Its the color you see in the other pics, I'm just trying to show off the sparkle! :)
OK sooooo I have this random palette from Sephora and I don't even know what it's called but I used several whites and a couple silvers for this look. The silver eyeliner is from Korres, the mascara is Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes, the blush is from this palette and the lippie is awesome because random pigments fell into a white-ish sparkly gloss from this palette and made this random color! EPICNESS Oh! and I'm wearing Laura Mercier Pressed Mineral Foundation in Natural Beige!

I love experimenting with clothes! It would be super awesome to be like a fashion designer! Here's a couple of recent OOTDs

 Lace shirt from JC Penny layered over random white cami, Belt from Icing, Skirt from Express, Shoes from Payless!
Random cami, Same belt!, Skirt from American Eagle, Jacket from Wet Seal, Shoes from Payless

Love clothes more than life...same as makeup...mhmm :D

I gots my Junior Ring you guysss!!!!! Here's a couple pics!

No, my birthstone is not pink, my birthstone is Peridot and my school color is Blue..."So why did you get pink?" I have been asked this 20 times, let me explain, Pink is the most epic, fashionista color ever, HECK YES I GOT PINK! :)

This is my school mascot and the year I shall graduate...dude if the world ended in 2012 I WILL BE TICKED OFF, I did not go to school my whole life for the world to end 5 months before I graduate my senior year, thank you Mayans (they think they're so smart with their little calendars...) 

And there is my name, or well half of it. Only like 1 person in the world calls me Tina but girls rings hold like 7 or 8 characters and Christina is 9 SO I have Tina on my ring AND its just a Christian symbol (Florence Christian School...I figured it was appropriate) And I don't do sports or any extracurricular activity...I mean I do choir but I'm not like oh yay, I love it so much I'm gonna put it on my ring! And they didn't have one of makeup or shoes sooooo yeah :)
I got the smallest size of this version because I wanted it to be a class ring but I wanted it to be cute and fashionable too! (Funny I just get weird stares when I say this...)

Soooo that concludes my post! Love ya'll! Remember Don't do drugs, Shop safely, and most of all Labor Day has passed so whether you understand it or not, it is still deemed unfashionable so please, no white shoes. ;)

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  1. You really look like an angel with all of this! :D lovely post!