Monday, September 5, 2011

Its been FOREVER!

OMG!!! I haven't posted in 29 days, 6 hours, 47 minutes, and somewhere between 0 and 60 seconds!

I miss blogging so much you guys! But Junior year has been pretty tough. I wake up at 6:30, school ends at 2:55, I don't get home until like 3:30 and from English III to College Pre-cal, I'm dead! I sleep until like 5:30, do my homework, eat, workout,  shower, and by that time its like 9:00 or 10:00 and I'm in bed! (I love sleep more than life) Then weekends I'm usually with friends, doing homework, napping, or being flat out lazy! School has been wiping me out!!!

I'm so thankful for this long weekend! Yay Labor Day!!! I'm not even sure what Labor Day is actually...I thought it was trees but that's Arbor Day...I think. And Memorial Day is for people who like died in War right? As is Veterans? *runs off to Google* So...its for people who work? IDK I'm confuzzled! And why is it unfashionable to wear white? Oh well, who least I finally have a chance to blog. I'm hoping I can try and fit in once a week posts, like Saturday posts!

I hope my lovely 4 subscribers will see this post! If any of ya'll do, or ANYONE for that matter, please comment and let me know, someones still checking up!

So, I'm getting my Junior Ring Wednesday! Eep! So like, our school color is Blue and my birthstone is Periot but I definately got Pink :) I is awesome. My TI84 calculator is pink(and sparkly)!

Oooh!!! How about a "How to stay cute and organized at school" post? That sounds fun! Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this promise! :)

Well, thats it! Really hope to be talking to ya'll soon!


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