Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Florida haul, Tea Party, and NOTD!!!

Hey guys!!!! WOW! I haven't posted in forever! I'm sorry! :P Disney was amazing, I am a baby and I definately cried meeting the princesses cause it remended me of when I was little haha...and again during the rides...and again during the fireworks...yeah ;)

Dude Harry Potter was AMAZING, it felt like I was like at Hogwarts and in Hogsmeade, it was epic. I drank Butterbeer, got a wand...EEP! I was like amazed. (I'm such a geek)

The rest of Universal was cool but not AS cool...there was this Jimmy Neutron nickolodeon ride that made my life though haha I'm such a loser! Oh and I don't ride roller coasters soooo yeah

Anyway, onto the haul, I went to 2 malls, the Florida Mall and the Mall at Milennia...EPICNESS. They were the best part (for a shopaholic like me at least) so first I went to the Mall at Milennia and I went to Forever 21 and the MAC pro store. At Forever 21 I got an orange-y, flowy top and a pair of brown strappy heels.

For some reason my camera failed here :P
 Close up of detail on the sleeve
 Mahhh shoes!
These shoes hurt like crap I mean OWW! But they are sooo freaking cute so I tolerate :)

Then at the MAC Pro store I made a 4 color palette thingy with Bio Green, Chrome Yellow, Aqua, and Electric Eel. Bio Green and I think Aqua are MAC Pro colors which means you can only get them at MAC Pro stores and I'm not  sure about the other two. I also got an eye pencil in Proccess Magenta and the Brush Cleaner.

All the products together
The eyeshadows the green is Bio Green, yellow is Chrome Yellow, blue is Electric Eel, and the aqua is well Aqua :)
The pencil, which is a million times brighter in real life and epic.

The next day I went to the Florida Mall and I went to Forever 21 again and got a multi-colored flowy top, a bow necklace, a bracelet, and two nail polishes.

This color is called Yellow and its not quite a yolk colored yellow but its not highlighter either. Its sparkly and has little clear-ish flakies.

This color is called Light Green and has a clear base packed with green sparkles and flakies that in some light looks red and some orange and sometimes the green sprakles reflect off the flakies making them look yellowish and greenish. Its absolutely gorgeous, I have it layered over black right now and I can't stop staring!

Then I went to Charlotte Russe and got 4 tank tops, one in hott pink, one in lime green, one in baby blue, and one in peach.

I also got these freaking adorable ear plugs that have bows at the ends!!!

Then I was walking to Sephora and was passing dELiA*s when I saw some bright red shorts in the window and I have wanted some since like forever so I bought them :)

The look a bit orange tinted here but they are really red like bright neon RED not tinted orange or pink or anthing just red and I love them :)

Lastly I went to Sephora and saw this cute little box from Urban Decay

Its this sparkly lickable body powder. They had it in Honey, Chocolate, and Marshmallow. I bought the marshmallow! Now I don't have a boyfriend to be licking up on my marshmallow tasting skin but nevertheless this stuff was sparkly, smelled amazing, and freaking tasted like marshmallow fluff, heck yeah I bought it. ;)
I also got these cute little flower decals for my nails!

I also ordered online a zebra rhinestone case for my iPod Touch andddd *drumroll* the Urban Decay Naked Palette!!! I have wanted this for so long! I am going to do a separate post for the Naked Palette because I'm going to do a review! Let me tell you though its epic :)

Thus concludes my haul, oh! wait! I sorta have one last part. I got two new kitties!!!
Ollie and Ellie! :) Aren't the cute??? *dies* I love them soo much!

And I want to show ya'll my outfit I wore to my little sister's tea party yesterday!

I feel like its very tea party-esque what with all the lace and stuff. I got this dress at Charlotte Russe a few months ago and I am in LOVE with it, I like mixing it with modern pieces when I wear it out, it makes a very interesting look! Very cute if I may say so myself. ;) This is my first time wearing it by itself, I'm not sure if I would out but for this special tea party I did, I mean Minnie Mouse was there for goodness sakes!!!
 These are some cute shoes I got from Payless a few weeks ago. I liked the way they looked with the dress..espaecially for a tea party :)
Toes are China Glaze Sun Worshipper if anyone wanted to know! :)

Picture just cause I liked the way my hair did
Anddd!!! Last but not least my current NOTD.
In the first picture you can see the green sparkles best and in the second you can really see the flakies! This is one coat of American Apparel Hassid (which is just a black creme) with Love & Beauty Light Green on top. It was one coat of the Light Green but it wasn't a real thin coat, I mean it wasn't gloppy but it was a thick-ish coat. If you were to do a really thin coat you might want to do 2 if you want it to look like this but you may like the look of  a thin one :)

So that's all for this post! Talk to you guys soon! Tune in for the Naked Palette review :)

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