Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wow! Sorry I've been totally off on hiatus!

Wow, I really haven't posted in forever and I have a million excuses but it all comes down to: I'm lazy. Hahaha, I'm a failure. :'(...;) I still haven't posted a review on the Naked Palette like I said I would, I'm working on a clothing segment on How to Dress up a Casual Tank. But as for today how about an NOTD? Pssstt!!! NOTD means Nail of the Day!...your welcome! ;) So I saw this picture online and I completely fell in love with the nails, especially for summer!

So, I went through my many polishes and found colors close (except you can't really see the thumb in the picture but it looks orange-y so I found an orange I liked with the look!) and came up with this.

(I realize the pic isn't the best! I only have my phone and its all awkward cause I was trying to get my thumb in there! :)

Its (from thumb to pinkie) China Glaze Peachy Keen, China Glaze Sugar High, A random Blue from Justice, China Glaze Lemon Fizz, and Milani Techno Red. All the China Glazes are from the Up, Up, and Away collection and the Milani is from the Neon collection (the Justice one is just random). Essie Shorts Story would be a closer match for the pink as it is more purple toned but I didn't have it :( I like my manicure though! Also this little Justice Blue I have found as a close dupe for Zoya Robyn.

Anywho, that's it for this post! Lots of things to look forward to, I'm planning a Naked Palette review with several looks, a Dress up Tank Top segment, a homemade skin and hair care segment, and much more!!! Make sure to keep checking for updates, and I'm gonna try to not leave ya'll again for so long! Bye :D

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